Directors and Officers Insurance

Directors & Officers Liability Insurance

Directors’ & Officers of management companies are often unpaid volunteers who step in to run the management company for the best interest of all the property owners. However in doing so they are deemed to be holding a position of trust and so are liable for any act which is negligent, outside their authority, or in breach of their responsibilities.

If a third party were to suffer financially as a result of the actions of a Director or Officer then they may bring legal action against the Directors, Officers and / or the management company itself.

Examples of Exposures include:

  • Safety, Health & Welfare at Work Regulations
  • Multi Unit Development Acts 2011
  • New Companies Act 2004
  • Insolvency Act (wrongful trading)
  • Disability Discrimination Act

  • Dishonesty to fellow Directors
  • Failure to Supervise
  • Racial and Gender discrimination
  • EU Directors and Regulations

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